Farm tours, crop mobs, workshops, farmer's markets, field trips and more!

Insects in the Garden - Come to the Hub City Farmer's Market again on July 27th to hear master gardener, naturalist and urban farmer Eliza Lord share about insects in the garden's ecology. We'll get to look at some cool specimens, learn to identify pollinators, pests and their predators, and put together nature journals to take home.

Three Sisters Workshop- Join us at the Hub City Farmer's Market in Spartanburg to learn about this awesome, Native American gardening technique. Saturday, June 15th, 2013, at 9:00 am. We'll act out stories, plant a mini garden in a barrel planter and put together seed kits to take home and plant our own!

Hare Raising Fun- Learn how to raise rabbits in your backyard! Join us at the Hardings for an afternoon of learning, crafts, snacks and fun! Friday, May 3rd from 5-6pm. Bring cold cuts, crackers, cheese, veggies or fruit to share, plus a picnic blanket and/or lawn chairs.  Many thanks to Mr. Pat Cox for presenting the class! See us on facebook!