Three Sisters Workshop at the Market

   On June 15 we led a workshop at the Hub City Farmer's Market about the Native American companion planting method called the Three Sisters. The three sisters are corn, beans and squash. Sturdy cornstalks of the kind used for grain provide a trellis for pole beans to climb, the beans help fix nitrogen in the soil and the squash grows along the ground, helping to suppress weeds and shade the soil so it does not dry out.

   For the first activity of the day, we acted out the legend of the Three Sisters. There are many versions, but ours was based on this one. Next, we planted soaked seeds in a barrel that belongs to Miriam. She will keep the barrel in her garden and we will take pictures to share as the plants grow. And all throughout the morning, kids could come and put together seed kits decorated with stickers.
   Each seed kit contained heirloom seeds from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. The seed varieties were Pungo Creek Butcher corn, Selma Zesta pole beans and Seminole pumpkins. The kits also included instruction sheets printed from Kids Gardening.

   Stay tuned for the announcement of our next market workshop and the special guest who will be joining us!

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